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A note about forum rules Empty A note about forum rules

Post  Daedalus on Wed Jan 18, 2012 10:21 am

While it is obvious that the forum does not have any links to rules - it goes without saying that the "Rules of Common Sense" should be applied.

Those rules are and always shall be:

1. Treat others with the kindness and respect that YOU would want them to show YOU. (Treat others the way you want to be treated!)

2. Do not flame, belittle, insult, or otherwise harass other members or their posts. If you have an issue with a member or post, contact a moderator or admin and let them deal with it PROPERLY.

3. Don't post anything regarding Racism or Pornography (keep it G to PG13... PLEASE)

4. Post your threads in the APPROPRIATE categories. If you don't know where to post it in, DON'T cross-thread post! (posting the same thing across ALL threads), Moderators who are actively monitoring the thread that you post to will move it to the appropriate category for you.

These are very simple rules that SHOULD be common sense. For the time being, until we have posted a link to the OFFICIAL rules, I would like to ask that everyone please adhere to the above rules.



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